Roadkill: I Need a Spaceship

By: Dennis E. Taylor
My Rating: Four out of five stars
Best for: 18 and up

We all need our own spaceship

Dennis Tayler keeps winning with his goofy brand of Science Fiction. If you haven’t read the Bobiverse, I insist you stop what you’re doing and read it NOW. If you have and you’re looking for more, I bet you’ll enjoy Roadkill.

Or read Roadkill first. Doesn’t matter, they’re both awesome.

Here’s Roadkill.

Down-on-his-luck Jack hit something with his deliver truck. From the leftovers on his bumper he can tell it’s something furry, but…where’d it go? Turns out it’s hard to miss when an invisible alien doesn’t get out of your way. And if there’s an invisible alien, does that mean there’s an invisible spaceship near by?

Yep. Of course it does.

Fans of the Bobiverse, Big Bang Theory, and all Nerdom will enjoy this fun story about what happens when Jack and his friends find with their new space ship and it’s snarky, newly awakened AI–who they affectionately name Sheldon. I had a ton of fun with this story!

I’ll give a plug for the audiobook, too. Ray Porter does all of Dennis Taylor books and he’s awesome. He does all of Andy Weir too, so we’re talking top notch.

There are several instances of grown up language (F*** and Sh**) in this book that is absent from The Bobiverse books. No violence or sexual content.

Best for 18 and up.

Happy Reading!

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