The Legend of Black Jack

The Legend of Black Jack
By: A.R. Witham
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: 12 and up

All brawn, no brain

There are some really, REALLY gushing reviews out there for The Legend of Black Jack. Apparently there are a whole lot of readers who found The Legend of Black Jack to be a transformational reading experience. “Spectacular!” “…will live in the hearts of readers forever!” “Perfect!” “Masterful!” Real quotes from real readers, and they go on and on and on. And on. And on…

Me? I guess I need a bit more realty mixed with my fantasy, because I didn’t buy it.

The Legend of Black Jack was definitely a FUN story. Magic. Warriors. Mythical armor. Elves.
Pirates. Sword fights. Dead parents. Demons. Evil, immortal kings. Portals to other lands. In fact, think of any single fantasy adventure element and I guarantee it’s in there. Go ahead, try. I dare you to come up with something that wasn’t included. Dragons? Yep. Magic weapons? Yep. Prophesies? Yep? Talking animals? Yep.

Seriously, don’t challenge me. It’s in there.

If you’re looking for adventure for adventure’s sake, you’ve found a story that will make you very happy.

If you need a story that won’t ask you to suspend your commitment to reality, you might think twice about jumping into this one.

Have you ever watched one of those really odd, train-wreck Bollywood films that are so ridiculous you don’t want to watch but you can’t look away? I remember one where a dude slides a horse under a moving semi…hold on, I’m off to find it!

Behold, the greatest chase scene in history!

Take a second to watch it. 1) You won’t be disappointed, and 2) THIS is exactly what reading The Legend of Black Jack is like.

If you like your stories all brawn and no brain, I bet you’ll enjoy The Legend of Black Jack. I appreciate a good mix of both in my fantasy stories, so I found The Legend of Black Jack a bit off target. Maybe it’ll hit a bullseye for you! Feel free to jump in. I found enough to keep me reading until the end, so it wasn’t all bad!

No major content concerns. Some mild language. Some not gory, fantasy violence. No sexual content. Best for 12 and up, although it’ll need to be a 12 year old who wants to jump into a 500 page commitment.

Happy Reading!

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