A Book Club Guest Review of American Assassin: A Thriller

American Assassin: A Thriller
By: Vince Flynn
Guest Reviewer Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 14 and up

Revenge and retaliation
Guest review by Julie H

Q: What’s this book about?

Mitch Rapp is a college student whose girlfriend was on a hijacked plane. When she died, he wanted revenge on the terrorists and anything to do with them. He joined the CIA with that goal in mind, and becomes an assassin.

Q: What did you love/not love about this book?

Some parts are a bit graphic but the story itself is compelling, fast moving, and hard to put down. BTW, the book is WAYWAYWAY BETTER than the movie! Poor choice of actor for Mitch.

Q: Were there any content concerns?

Lot’s of assassinations!

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Happy Reading!

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