#ReDAWN: A novella, NOT a novel.

ReDAWN (Skyward Flight: Novella 2)
By: Janci Patterson and Brandon Sanderson
My Rating: Five out of five stars
Best for: 12 and up

Novella. Not novel.

Seriously, every time Brandon Sanderson writes a book that’s under 250 pages and calls it a “novella” I laugh out loud. It’s like he just wants to remind the other authors that he’s their daddy and it’s cute how they write a 200-page books and call them novels.

Like with Sunreach, Janci Patterson takes over for Brandon Sanderson in ReDAWN with everything except the plot–that’s my interpretation of the arrangement anyway. Unlike Sunreach, I didn’t feel like Janci’s writing got in the way of Brandon’s story. A few times I even forgot it wasn’t Brandon Sanderson on the other end of the pen!

Only fans of the Skyward series are going to be interested in reading these novellas. I saw the other day they aren’t intended to be read in a particular order as it relates to Cytonic, the next Skyward novel releasing on 11/23/2021. I’ll be surprised if that’s true–there’s A LOT of important-to-the-story events that happen in these first two (of three) novellas. Fans will be glad to know ReDAWN does a great job of advancing the Skyward story, and it makes up BIG time where Sunreach dropped the ball in terms of the super fun space battles that have become synonymous with the Skyward books.

There’s one more Skyward Flight Novella coming the end of December, and I’ll be first in line. But first, CYTONIC!

No content concerns. Best for 12 and up.

Happy reading!

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