#BookScavenger: Where was this when I was 11?

Book Scavenger (Book Scavenger, #1)
The Unbreakable Code (Book Scavenger, #2)
The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3)
By: Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
My Rating: Four out of five stars
Best for: 10 and up

Where was Book Scavenger when I was 11?

Books about books are IT! This charming and well-written trio of middle grade stories are a book nerd’s dream come true! How’s this sound:

Book lovers young and old can play Book Scavenger–think geocaching for books, but you have to solve a puzzle to get the clue. The game was invented by the one and only Garrison Griswold, book publisher extraordinaire, and known by fans around the world as the Willy Wonka of books. Hide a book, create a clue to guess or puzzle to solve that leads to the hiding spot, and post it on the Book Scavenger website. Solve the puzzle, find the book, declare it found on the website, then hide another book for someone else to find!

Fun, right?

In the three books of the Book Scavenger series, our young heroes scour San Francisco solving puzzles, cracking codes, and following clues–all while racing the bad guys to the finish line. The story in each book was so much fun! I was happily surprised at the really cool ways classic literature and history were woven throughout. Whether it’s some lesser-known works of Edgar Allan Poe in book 1, the San Francisco Gold Rush in book 2, or the history of Alcatraz Island in book 3, each book had real life worked into the story, and I loved it.

Combine that fun story with relatable characters and great writing, and Jennifer Bertman has written a winner! Fans of Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and book nerds everywhere will enjoy Book Scavenger–the books AND the game they inspired! Check out www.bookscavenger.com! It’s a thing!

No content concerns. Best for all ages.

Maybe I’ll go hide some books!

Get your copies here!

Happy Reading!

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