#Dragonwatch: Dragons are the bacon of books

Dragonwatch (Dragonwatch #1)
Wrath of the Dragon King (Dragonwatch #2)
Master of the Phantom Isle (Dragonwatch #3)
Champion of the Titan Games (Dragonwatch #4)
Return of the Dragon Slayer (Dragonwatch #5) (*Haven’t read this one yet! Releases in 3 more weeks!)
Best for: All ages! Independent readers 10 and up

And you though Fablehaven was exciting…

I loved Fablehaven in every way–except for one thing: That main character who kept making terrible decisions over and over (and over) again. Seriously, it was bad enough it almost ruined the story for me, and I was SUPER worried Dragonwatch was going to be more of the same. In fact, the first couple chapters of book 1 gave me reason for concern…and I nearly gave up before I even got going. But I pushed on, and thank the book gods I did–Dragonwatch was awesome!

This series picks up right where Fablehaven left off. Same characters, same world, same chronology. There are new bad guys, some old bad guys, and a few new characters, but everything feels comfortable and familiar. This time, sister and brother Kendra and Seth have to work with all our old friends to fight against an even deadlier foe than before: the Dragons of Wyrmroost and the other dragon sanctuaries across the globe that are rising up to revolution. Their goal? Destroy the humans who have imprisoned them for centuries and take their rightful place as the alpha predators of the magical (and non-magical) world.

Sooo…you like books about Dragons? Do you agree Dragons are the bacon of books because they make everything better? Then you’re going to love Dragonwatch too!

Kendra and Seth are excellent as teenage heroes. They’re the ying and yang of the magical world–one with powers of light, one with powers of dark. There’s really great contrast in their relationship and outlook, and I loved watching their imperfect, teenage selves scale their figurative mountains and save the day.

The personal stakes are higher for Kendra and Seth in Dragonwatch then they ever were, and that conflict forces the personal growth I kept hoping to see in Fablehaven but never got. There’s a really great twist at the end of book two that changes everything, so get ready to even feel an emotional response that will endear you to the story…eventually.

No content issues. This is some really, really great middle grade that will be perfect to read aloud to kids of all ages or for independent, adventure seeking readers 10 and up.

Book 5 releases 10/26/2021, and I’ll be first in line on that day! Look for an update to this series review soon!

Get your copies here!

Happy Reading!

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