A Book Club Guest Review of The Truth about the Gospel of Judas

The Truth about the Gospel of Judas
By: Richard Neitzel Holzapfl
Guest Reviewer Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: 16 and up

Judas really like Snape???
Guest Review by Julie Hilton

This book is a discussion of Gnostic apocryphal text found from 2nd or 3rd centuries. In the texts, Judas is shown to be a hero, requested by Jesus to do what he did. Scholars discuss the idea and whether it has merit.

I enjoy a good, deep discussion about historic artifacts. This one was interesting but didn’t hold my interest as well as others I’ve read.

I only suggested older teenager as a starting age because of the complex language. A good vocabulary and depth of previous archaeological or paleontological reading might be helpful, as well as a sound religious background, to come to one’s own conclusions after hearing all sides.

Happy Reading!

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