State of the Book Club 2021

My fav author, Brandon Sanderson, writes a post called State of the Sanderson each year on his birthday. He tells about his projects and his plans and basically is just super cool and transparent to all of us who hang on his every word.

Now, no one is hanging on my every word–or any of my words for than matter. But I do love sharing Book Club stuff, so in the spirit of copying other people’s great ideas, I thought I’d start a new birthday tradition.

Here’s the first ever State of the Book Club 2021!

I started One Man Book Club in 2017 as a blog to share my book reviews. I wanted to help discerning readers and parents of book-loving kids find books they will love without being surprised by the content inside. This remains the reason I do what I do, and I love Love LOVE when I get notes telling me how grateful someone is for the resource we provide!

While 2020 was LAME for endless reasons, 2020 turned out to be very good for One Man Book Club.

Check this out:

See that big blue bar? That says there were 10,000 views at last year–double the views from 2018 and 2019–and we’re on pace to blow past 10,000 this year!

My goal for 2021 is to hit 15,000 views! Here’s what we need to do to make this happen:

  1. We need you, my fellow book lovers, to share One Man Book Club with your friends!
  2. We need to grow the number of book reviews in our collection. I can’t read everything (not matter how much I want to!), so I need your help! Use this simple form to write a book review of the books you read and I’ll post it to We’ve got a pretty good collection going already. Check them out here and add yours to the archives!
  3. Participate across our social media platforms! Active commenting and sharing of content by YOU is how Social Media algorithms decide what is worthy of receiving the greatest reach. So the more you post, share, and interact, the more people will see One Man Book Club!

Speaking of Social Media, want to see how we are doing? Here’s our current stats:

  • Facebook (One Man Book Club & Let’s Talk Books!)
    • One Man Book Club Facebook Page
      • Followers: 426
      • Reach: 858 (last 28 days)
      • Engagement: 394 (last 28 days)
    • Let’s Talk Books! by One Man Book Club Facebook Group
      • Followers: 257
      • Reach: 8154 (last 28 days)
      • Engagement: 2005 (last 28 days)
  • Instagram (@OneManBookClub)
    • Followers: 337
    • Reach: 509 (Last 28 days)
    • Engagement: 318 (Last 28 days)

Added up, that’s a reach of about 13,391 connects per month across all our properties. And while that seems like a pretty big number, you can see from the followers we have a ton of opportunity to grow our community!

You might also be interested to know…

2020 was also the year One Man Book Club paid for itself! Yay!

It costs me $114 per year to keep the lights on at One Man Book Club:

Hosting and Site Development
Domain Registration

And we earned $122.57 as an Amazon Affiliate when you used my links to buy stuff from Amazon!

2020 Earnings as an Amazon Affiliate

And just FYI, this is how much One Man Book Club has earned so far in 2021–We’re behind! So if you want to help me keep the lights on around here, please use my Amazon Affiliate links when you buy anything from Amazon!

2021 Earnings to date (3/21/2021)

There you go! That’s the State of the Book Club, 2021! I’m thrilled with the growth we saw in 2020, and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2021!

Happy reading everyone!

I’m interested in feedback! Was this interesting? Helpful? Motiviating? Is there something else that would be helpful for you to know? Drop me a note to let me know!

Dan @ One Man Book Club

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