A Book Club Guest Review of The Lost and Found Bookshop

The Lost and Found Bookshop
By: Susan Wiggs
Reviewer Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 16 and up

Except for three pages… Wonderful!
Guest review by Julie Hilton

A woman returns to take care of her grandfather and his Bookstore under traffic circumstances. She has friendships with two intriguing men through a series of humorous and sad events. The building in which she, hey grandfather, and the bookstore reside, had it’s own set of stories which tie the characters together as the story weaves a mystery/drama/romance.

I loved the story! Who doesn’t enjoy a good bunch of mysteries and mysterious finds. I did not love three pages which, to me, just didn’t fit. Out of the blue crudeness.

Three pages contain graphic sexual description and innuendo as well as smoking weed. If it weren’t for those three pages I’d suggest it to my 11yo daughter. I talk with my children about these things but these pages were just a bit much for my comfort.

Happy Reading!

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