#SkippingChristmas: A new Christmas Tradition

Skipping Christmas

My Rating: Four out of five stars

By: John Grisham

Best For: 14 and up

Oh gosh, I’ve just been reading some other reviews of Skipping Christmas–and laughing out loud at the disdain for the grumpy Kranks and their nosey neighbors.  So many one-star reviews!  Obviously, some people take their reading much too seriously.

I found Skipping Christmas to be perfectly charming and fun!  I kind of wish I hadn’t seen Christmas with the Kranks first (or so many times!) because I couldn’t get Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Dan Aykroyd out of my head and I wondered how much more I would have loved what my own imagination came up with.  But I will say–it’s one of the better book-to-movie-adaptations!  The casting was spot on!

Skipping Christmas is will be an annual Christmas read for me, I think.  Short, clean, funny, touching, lighthearted, and a good way to sort through the materialistic Christmas we often find ourselves focused on.

No content issues at all. Best for 14 and up, although I see adults appreciating the story more than teens.

Get your copy here!

Happy Reading!

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