A Book Club Guest Review of The Star Darlings Series

The Star Darlings Series
By: Shana Zappa
Reviewer Rating: 5 (000,000,000,000…) Stars!
Best for: 10 and under

THE STAR DARLINGS by Shana Muldoon Zappa
Review by Jessi, age 11

An AMAZING group of 12 star-charmed starlings (people/girls?) Who secretly save there planet many many… times, by granting wishes from Wishworld (earth) to give starland (there planet) much needed energy, and to fight an evil villain who try’s to destroy starland (can not say the name)…

I loved it because it inspired me to continue to wish and work for my wish. And it is AMAZING!

AMAZING book, great for all ages that can read and understand what they are reading.

I Loved it.

The characters were amazing, and their characteristics were just right.

The message showed that 1. If you make a wish, make a good wish. 2. When helping others, do not do everything for them, or they would not learn anything. 3. Be nice…

These books should be rated G, and you can find short cartoons on youtube if you type in Star Darlings.

Get your copy here

Happy Reading!

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