#ThickasThieves: The only thing you know is you don’t know anything!

Thick as Thieves (The Queen’s Thief, Book 5)
By: Megan Whalen Turner
Best For: Advanced 12 and up

Finally, a new book in The Queen’s Thief series!

Book 5, Thick as Thieves, was published 7 years after book 4! This reader chose to wait an additional 3 years to read it so I wouldn’t have to wait on book 6, the series finale, which was finally published just a few weeks ago in Oct 2020. 24 years from book 1 to book 6…that’s a long wait for those who read book 1 back in 1996!

Book 5: Are fans are going to be satisfied, even after the wait?

Yep. They sure are–even if everyone’s favorite Thief doesn’t make an appearance until the very end. But you can be sure his plans within plans within plans are on full display throughout. Of course, those experienced with The Queen’s Thief series will know:

The only thing you can be sure of is that you can’t be sure of anything!

As in each previous instalment, book 5 changes location and point of view yet again. This time around, the responsibility of advancing the narrative falls on another once-tertiary character fans will remember from previous books. It’s an aspect of Megan Whalen Turner’s stories I’ve come to enjoy immensely!

I’m actually well into book 6 at this point, and one thing I wish someone had told me while reading book 5: If you enjoy the easter eggs MWT is so fond of placing through her stories, pay close attention to the side comments and (seemingly) unimportant interactions that happen as book 5 begins to wrap up. You’ll find more than meets the eye as you get into book 6.

No content concerns. Recommend for advanced 12 and up.

Get your copy here!

Happy Reading!

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