#TheKingofAttolia: How to be awesome.

The King of Attolia (The Queen’s Thief, #3)
By: Megan Whalen Turner
Best for: Advanced 12 and up

October 2020
This series re-read is going beautifully. My re-read of both book 1 and book 2 made me wish I’d left book-specific reviews the first time instead of the gushing series review I carelessly attached to each book in the series. Here are some extra thoughts specifically relating to book 3, The King of Attolia.

Finally, after two books worth of glorious set up, book 3 starts to truly deserve the hyperbole-filled, obnoxious review I left five years ago. Told through the eyes of a new character, we’re able to appreciate on an entirely new level the depth of the characters Megan Whalen Turner has created in The Queen’s Thief series.

Do you love stories that surprise you? Do you love stories where you just know sometime isn’t what it seems, but you just can’t seem to figure it out? Do you love invisible story arcs that only become visible when they are revealed–and you get to say, “Ah, right! I should have seen that all along?”

That’s what you get in each book of The Queen’s Thief…but you get it especially on-the-nose in The King of Attolia, and I loved it. Again. Also, while books 1 and 2 made me love Eugenides (the main character), it’s book 3 that solidifies for me why he’s one of the best literary characters ever written.

If you haven’t jumped into the story of The Queen’s Thief yet, I highly recommend you do.

No content issues, at all. Pacing makes these books best for advanced 12 and up.

Get your copy here!

Happy Reading!

December 2015
You must know this first.

I am smitten.

The Queen’s Thief is why I read. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Will someone please explain why I haven’t heard of Megan Whalen Turner or The Queen’s Thief before? What else has the world been hiding from me that I should already know about?

Tell me you haven’t felt like this before. Go ahead. I dare you.

There are four books in this series, with rumors of at least two more…although I’m not getting my hopes up, the last book was published in 2010. Never fear. Book four ends in a very good place.

Book 1: The Thief
Book 2: The Queen of Attolia
Book 3: The King of Attolia
Book 4: A Conspiracy of Kings

Not to mention–the book covers are totally sweet!

This is the story of Eugenides–The Queen’s Thief himself–and how he is a completely wonderful literary character. It’s one of the most well written and clever series of books I’ve read. The writing is so confident (yes, confident), I was powerless to resist being pulled into Gen’s world.

Of course, only his closest friends can call him Gen. That’s me. I’ve read the books. We’re tight.

This is fantastic fantasy at its finest, with epic story lines to follow, heroes to adore, villains to despise, lessons to learn, kingdoms to save, love to find, and twists to try (and fail) to anticipate. The twists! Oh, the twists, Twists, TWISTS! Just when you think you have it, you realize you’ve been long-conned since before you even knew you needed to watch out for the trick. The world building and polytheistic culture is as lovely as it is tight. I’m telling you, this is top quality stuff.

Don’t allow yourself to waste any more of your life having not read The Queens Thief.

I can’t abide my friends not knowing they are missing something great.

Read. Now.

My job is done.

I wash my hands.

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