#MistbornSecretHistory: Keys to the Cosmere Kingdom

Mistborn: Secret History (Mistborn, Book 3.5)
By: Brandon Sanderson
Best for: 14 and up who have RECENTLY read the original Mistborn trilogy

September 2020
So, I just finished a much needed re-read of the original Mistborn trilogy, and I’ve got to say it was supremely satisfying.

It’d been nearly a decade since my first visit to Scadrial, and reading Mistborn the second time was almost like reading it again for the first time, except with deeper insight into the between-the-lines stuff.

Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much the second time around is my much greater understanding of The Cosmere today vs 2012. I realized that I probably had missed the mark the first time I read Secret History, so I decided to read it again too.

I’m SO glad I did.

Mistborn: Secret History came out a full decade after The Final Empire. When I read when it came out in 2016, I was overwhelmed with info and underwhelmed with the experience because my mental connection to Mistborn was so fuzzy.

THIS time, though…HOLY CRAP–things just clicked into place and my eyes are opened to a much bigger picture. Totally re-framed my understanding of what is happening with Cosmere, and makes me even more excited for my upcoming Oathbringer re-read and the release of Rhythm of War!

So glad I thought to give Secret History another look. If you’re experience was similar to mine, I strongly encourage you to re-read Mistborn, then give Secret History another try!

I bet you’ll discover it’s much more than you experienced the first time through!

Looks like the only place to find Secret History today is in Acanum Unbounded, which is a compilation of several novellas from The Cosmere universe.

Get your copy here

Happy Reading!

February 2016
This book will have zero interest for any one not familiar with Mistborn or the Cosmere.

If you are familiar and care to know…get ready for the biggest info dump of your life!

I enjoyed learning “the rest of the story,” but man–reading this gave me a headache.

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