How to Write an AMAZING Book Review!


Have you ever loved (or hated!) a book so much you wanted to share it with everyone you know–and even with people you don’t?  You should write a book review!

In fact, tell you what: If you read a book and write a book review about it, I’ll publish it at and share it with the One Man Book Club community!

You could be famous!*

*Disclaimer: No, you won’t.  But still, it is a ton of fun AND you will be helping others find book they’ll love (or know what books to avoid.)  Nothing is better than helping others discover their next favorite book!

Here’s a template you can use to review your next book:

Book Title: [If it’s part of a series, include the series name and this book’s place in the series]
Author: [Make sure you spell the name correctly.  I also like to include the translator and illustrator if it applies]
Your Rating: [Use a 5 star scale.  i.e., Four out of Five Stars]
Best for: [Place it in one of these categories: 10 and under, 10 and up, 12 and up, 14 and up, 16 and up, 18 and up.  All ages or Adults only work too.  When I assign the best for rating, I always ask myself, “How old do I want my kids to be when they read this book?”]


Something short and catchy.  Think of a newspaper headline.  This will also be the title of your book review.

What’s the book about? 

Don’t spend a lot of time here restating what someone could learn by reading the back of the book.  What information can you share about the story that only you know and they don’t?  What things are part of the concept or plot of the book that will be interesting to other readers?  Remember the most important rule: NO SPOILERS!

What did you love/not love about the book?

This is where you get to share your opinion and why you have that opinion.  Did you love the story?  Did the characters speak to you?  Did you find value in the message of the book?  Tell us what you loved or hated and why you loved or hated it.

Were there any content issues?

One Man Book Club exists to help readers find books they love, without being surprised by the content inside.  So tell us what you found that we might want to know about.  Was there language?  How much?  Sex or violence?  Non-traditional romantic relationships?  If it were a movie, what would it be rated?  How old do you want your kids to be when they read the book?  Remember, this isn’t passing judgement, it’s simply providing facts so parents of young readers and discerning adults can make informed decisions.

That’s it!  As a general rule, book reviews shouldn’t be long.  Just tell it like it is and be done.  If it takes more than 2 minutes to read than you’ve spent too much time writing it!

I’ve posted this template here on Google Docs.  Download it, write your review, and email it to I’ll add it to the searchable archives at and post it to all One Man Book Club social media assets!

Thanks for taking time to make book reading better for everyone!

Happy Reading!

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