#WizardforHire: Magic and Magical are different things.


Wizard for Hire
By: Obert Skye
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars
Best for: 12 and up

Not what I expected–but what do I know? Wizard for Hire was fun AND funny!

I know Obert Skye from the Levin Thumps series, which I remember enjoying despite the whimsy. So when Wizard for Hire was published a couple of years ago and I came across the AWESOME art and Obert Skye’s name on the cover, I added to my list. The final book in the trilogy was published a couple of months ago, so it was finally time to jump in.

What I expected was a magical fantasy adventure. What I got was an adventure, but the magic was more in the moving story, charming characters, and laugh-out-loud silliness than in the fantastical. It worked, and I loved it.

Ozzy’s lived alone in the woods since he was 7 after his parents were kidnapped. Now he’s 14 and wants to experience High School and figure out what happened to his parents. Sneaking into High School and posing as a student isn’t too tough–but it is hilariously awkward. Getting help finding his parents without letting on that he’s a kid living alone? That’s much harder. Luckily he sees an add in the local paper: Wizard for Hire. Perfect!

Let the adventures begin! Problem solved! He’s IS a wizard, right? Right? Right…

That’s up for debate, but wizard or not, the fun is magical!

Book one ended without a cliff hanger, but there is still more story to tell.

I’m off to book 2!

Wizard for Hire has no content issues. Best for 12 and up.

Happy Reading!

Get your copy here!

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