#OneWordKill: Don’t make me read book 2!


One Word Kill (Impossible Times, Book 1)
By: Mark Lawrence
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: Adults

One Word Kill is a cancer book.

Not a spoiler, it introduces itself on page 1.

But I don’t like cancer books, and I wish someone would have told me. So I’m telling you.

Other than the cancer, I didn’t hate One Word Kill. The writing was quite lovely, actually, and the characters shined. I was frustrated with the story, though.

It’s about a boy with leukemia who is visited by a mysterious future man who enlists cancer boy and his D&D friends to help him save pretty goth girl from an unknown event that occurs in mysterious future man’s time.

Plus, it takes place in the 80’s, so bonus points. Some good pop culture and history references, too. So double bonus.

Not a bad plot, then. Shiney characters. Lovely writing. Still, I wasn’t a fan. I think it was the execution of the story I didn’t love. Not a great ending, and of course the sad cancer stuff. This was book 1 of a trilogy, and while it ends well on its own, perhaps books 2 and 3 would bring me around. But, my fellow reviewers aren’t giving me confidence that things get much better.

I won’t be reading book 2.

Too much swearing, mild violence and peril. Drug use. Some sexual references.

Adults only.

Happy Reading!

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