#Archenemies (Renegades #2): More superheros, anyone?


Archenemies (Renegades #2)
By: Marissa Meyer
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 14 and up

More superheros, anyone?

The angsty-teenager-in-love-double-agent-superhero-book-full-of-YA-cliches is back for part two!

It took me a book and a half, but I think I’m over the things that annoyed me in book 1. The eye-roll-inducing stuff is still there, I just stopped caring about it enough to enjoy the fun story.

I’m anxious to see how things end in book three, so off I go!

Obviously, you should read book one first.

PG language, violence, and kissing.

14 and up.

Happy reading!

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