#Lightbringer: A decade in the making…



Book 1: The Black Prism
Book 2: The Blinding Knife
Book 3: The Broken Eye
Book 4: The Blood Mirror
Book 5: The Burning White

By: Brent Weeks
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: Adults only

Lightbringer fans, book 5 is finally here! It only took nine years…

Was it worth the wait?

Absolutely! Of course!

Yea…for sure.


If you’re here for book 5, it’s not like my review is going to convince you to read it or not. I have my opinions, and I would have done things differently, but you’re not interested in that. You’ve invested 9 years and 3000 pages. You’re going to read it. You just want to know the important stuff.

So here you go:

The big questions are answered. The battle is amazing. I was satisfied by the time I turned the last page. Read the authors acknowledgements or you’ll be disappointed. Get to the very end, past the appendix, for another surprise. Don’t, and you’ll be like those weirdos who leave the theater too early at the end of a Marvel movie.

If you’re new to The Lightbringer series, read on.

The series is outstanding!

A brilliant magic system based on the color spectrum. An entire world’s worth of culture and religion. Morally ambiguous good guys and bad guys. Characters you’ll love to hate. Others you’ll hate to love. Other’s you’ll love to love.

As if you had a choice.

The detail! The depth!

Lies. Long cons. Misdirection.

Heroes. Gods. Assassins.

Mistakes. Redemption. Rebellion.

Strategy. Wits. Humor.

Bad guys. Good guys. Not knowing for sure which is which.

Mysteries. Twists. Questions.


So, ya. The Lightbringer series is pretty cool.

If you’re looking for an exciting fantasy series with heavy world building, complex characters, a detailed plot, and lots of pages, you’re going to want to read Lightbringer.

The audio books are excellent, too.

The Lightbringer series is best for adults only. Sex, language, and violence are dialed up in all 5 books. Not for kids or the faint of heart. Mistborn is an outstanding alternative.

Happy reading!

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