#AManCalledOve: Kindness shines brightest.


A Man Called Ove
By: Fredrik Backman
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars
Best for: 14 and up

It’s “OOOO-vah,” not “OH-v.”* Thanks Audible. Ove would have yelled at me if I got his name wrong.

*See below for a kind correction on how to pronounce Ove by Fredrik Backman himself!

Most of the reviews you’ll read are about Ove, the world’s grumpiest old man. That’s expected–he is the star AND a fantastic character.

Ove may be the star, but it’s the people around Ove that shine the brightest in this beautiful story that made me smile, sigh, cry, and fall in love with life.

He’s mean and grumpy and his wife died 6 months ago. He’s the neighbor we tell stories about, are scared of, and maybe even schedule our outside time to make sure we don’t over lap with his. He makes us uncomfortable. Frustrated. Annoyed.

Unless you’re Ove’s new neighbors. They’re the people we all wish we were instead of who we are–at least when it comes to how we treat others.

Kind, even when kindness isn’t appreciated.

Aware, even when you have plenty to be aware of in your own family.

Thoughtful, even when your friendship seems wasted.

You can’t know what’s going on inside the private lives of our fellow humans to truly understand the impact your positive attention might have.

It might make their day. It might change their attitude. It might save their life.

You just don’t know.

This is a story about a grumpy man and how kindness changed saved his life.

That’s what shined the brightest for me.

A Man Called Ove made me love my wife more, my family more, and my life more. It made me want to be more kind, more aware, and more thoughtful of the people whose circles overlap with mine.

Content-wise, you might want to know there are 15 sh-words and one f-word. There is a gay character that has a small role in the story. There is also a whole lot of great.

14 and up.

Happy reading!

*straight from the source!

2 responses to “#AManCalledOve: Kindness shines brightest.”

  1. “Unless you’re Ove’s new neighbors. They’re the people we all wish we were instead of who we are–at least when it comes to how we treat others.” Seriously. I be the curmudgeon that hides next door. I think if I had neighbors like Ove’s I would freak out. But after reading this gem of a book, I may just be (secretly) a little bit envious that Ove got to meet them.
    x The Captain

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