#TheSasquatchEscape: Big Foot, dragons, and read-aloud fun!


The Sasquatch Escape (The Imaginary Veterinary: Book 1)
By: Suzanne Selfors
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 10 and under

Our local school district selects one book each year and gives copies to every elementary student for a district-wide family reading month. There have been a few duds over the years, but most of the time they pick good ones. Luckily, this was a good year.

The Sasquatch Escape has short, easy to read aloud chapters that held my grade-schooler’s attention and stirred their imagination. They were never content with just one chapter a night, laughed at the silly parts, and got nervous as the tension built. They enjoyed it, and really that’s all the review it needs.

The story has an ending, but it left enough dangling carrots that my 9-year-old is ready for book 2.

The story is quite juvenile. It would have bored me if I had been reading it myself. But it’s well written for its target audience, and this particular target audience loved it.

All ages. Great for reading aloud or for 3rd graders to read on their own.

Get your copy here!

Happy reading!

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