#TheOne: How to make love feel creepy

the one

The One
By: John Marrs
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: Adults

What if love was science instead of emotion?

What if attraction was a gene that you could isolate?

What if your DNA could match you to THE one?

matchyourdna.com is the company that makes it all possible. With their database of millions of voluntarily submitted DNA samples, the world can’t wait to discover their Match.

No more dating. No more divorce. No more infidelity. No more racism. No more homophobia.

Peace. Love. Harmony.

Ya, right.

The One tells the stories of 5 people who have been DNA matched with their soul mates. True love, delivered by science. What could go wrong?

A lot, apparently.

After reading it I feel like I just watched an episode of Black Mirror–it was entertaining getting to the ending, but now that it’s done I feel heavy and bummed out. Same reason I stopped watching Black Mirror after only a couple of episodes. Too dark for me. I want to feel lifted by my books. This left me feeling down.

Some language, some sex, strong violence. Some of you will want to know there is a homosexual relationship.

Adults only for this one.

Happy Reading!

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