#BloodyRose: Bloody Brilliant


Bloody Rose (The Band, #2)
By: Nicholas Eames
My Rating: FIVE out of FIVE Stars
Best for: Adults

Bloody Rose is Bloody Brilliant. And I’m not even British.

I’d heard Kings of the Wyld would make my heart sing. I was skeptical…it was a debut novel, after all. But the feedback was universally adoring and the cover was totally awesome, so I thought I’d give it a try. And…my heart sang. (Check out the official One Man Book Club Review of Kings of the Wyld here)

After a debut that achieved heights normally reserved only for the most popular authors, I automatically became equal parts fearful of a sophomore slump and anxious for another dose of book-love.

Enter book 2, Bloody Rose. Another awesome cover, so at least there was that. But the book?

Well, if Kings of the Wyld made my heart sing, I’ll say Bloody Rose led my heart through a full oratorio.

If anything, Bloody Rose rose to the challenge. More likely, I think book 2 was even better.

This is a world over-run by monsters…or are they just miss-understood beasties are looking for a little understanding?

It doesn’t matter to the Bands: the larger-than-life mercenaries with superstar status, each with groupies and magical weapons and brand names to preserve. They tour the country doing paid gig’s in stadiums fighting the monsters, basking in fame, drinking, sexing, and living the life reserved for the elite and famous.

Bloody Rose, who we met briefly in Kings of the Wyld, is ready to retire. She and her most-famous-of-all band, Fable, just need to finish up their last tour, fulfill a contract, and then settle down and enjoy life.

Yep, it’s a great plan…

…except for the zombies.

Looks like Fable is going to have to delay retirement to save the world.

The battles are fierce. The characters are endearing. The story is thrilling. The jokes are funny. The book is brilliant.

Violence, sex, language, drinking, themes–all cranked up to maximum adult setting.  It doesn’t cross my personal boundaries, but don’t read this one if you’re sensitive to mature content. There is a lesbian character. Expect f-words every 5.3 pages and sh-words every 15.9 pages. Combined, expect to have one of those colorful adjectives thrown at you every 3.7 pages. Lot’s of blood. Lot’s of getting drunk. Lot’s of killing.

Bloody Rose is packed full of all that stuff, but it’s also packed full of fun.

Adults only.

Happy Reading!

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