#TheLakeHouse: Kate Morton has it figured out


The Lake House
By: Kate Mortin
My Rating: Four out of Five Stars
Best for: 16 and up

Kate Morton has a winning formula.

In the past, something tragic happens, but without a resolution–leaving an unsolved mystery.

In the present, someone picks up the pieces of the unsolved mystery and puts together the clues.

Both stories–the past tragedy and the present investigation–are told at the same time. In the end, past and present collide, the mystery is solved, and those who were touched by tragedy decades ago find peace.

The story lines from the past are colored by the tragedy of World War, and include magical English countrysides, big houses with servants, secret gardens, and a proper English aristocratic family with scandalous secrets to keep.

The mystery unfolds as the story progresses, the reader learning the clues and making the connections along with the present-day character who is motivated to answer the decades-old unresolved tragedy. The resolutions are fun, surprising, and satisfying.

Like I said…a winning formula.

Add in some character-defining sub plots, fluffy descriptions to create the mood of being transported back in time to early 20th century England, a too-good-to-be-true ending, and you’ve got The Lake House.

I enjoyed The Lake House very much. I love the flawed characters, I love the mystery, and I always love a happy ending. A tiny bit of language, some adult-themed intrigue, lots of scene-setting descriptions, and a dragged-out resolution that pushes the page count above 600 make this more of an adult/older teen book.

Happy Reading!

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