#TheAbility: It’s awesome to the people that matter.


The Ability
By: M.M. Vaughan
My Rating: Three out of Five Stars
Best for: 10 and up

You know what I loved most about this book? All the passionately-positive reviews its received from an army of middle grade and junior high school fans. If they feel so strongly about The Ability, that’s all that matters.

What I have to say doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter that the writing is unimaginative, the characters are one-dimensional, or that it condescends to it’s target audience.

Because the kids love it.

And that makes it awesome.

Fun, exciting, clean. Appropriate for all ages. I’m not going to read book two unless one of my young readers requests it, but the reports are that it’s even better than book one. So read on!

Happy Reading!

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