#DragonRider: Lost in translation?


Dragon Rider
By: Cornelia Funke
My Rating: THREE out of FIVE stars
Best for: 10 and up

I wish all books about dragons were awesome.

They’re not.

Maybe there was something lost in translation from the original German…or maybe this is what the author intended. No idea. But either way, Dragon Rider disappointed me.

I wanted a 600 page book of exciting adventures and endearing characters while riding on a dragon.

I got a 600 page book of boring things that should have been exciting and characters with no character riding on a dragon.

I’m a grown up reading a children’s story, so maybe I’m too harsh. If your middle grader can handle a 600 page book and likes dragons, this might be the book for them. It’s perfectly age appropriate and has some redeeming qualities. I did mention dragons, didn’t I?

It seems to me, though, that if a middle grader can handle a book this length, they can also handle some depth to their story. This is written on the level of a second grader’s first chapter book…and goes on for 600 pages.


But like I said, those are likely picky, grown-up problems. If this books gets kids hooked on reading, I will support it all day long.

Does adventure and dragons fit your middle grader? Give Dragon Rider a try.

Happy Reading!

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