#TheFirstFifteenLivesofHarryAugust: Clever, But Not Smart.

harry august

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

By: Claire North

My Rating: Three out of Five Stars

What a clever book! Claire North has some serious talent!

Harry August relives his life over and over. He lives, he dies, and then starts over…with the perfect memories of his previous lives still in his head. He knows the future! He can be rich! He can be anything he wants! He can hasten the end of the world…

Turns out, he’s not alone. In fact, there’s a club that governs, supports, and protects people like Harry. They help each other across lives. They pass messages to each other through time. They have to stop the world from ending.

There are some complex time-travel-with-out-time-traveling ideas in there that I had a hard time grasping. Plus the science was much more fiction than science. The story got a bit repetitive. The ending was preachy.

Nothing content-wise that you wouldn’t want your mom to know you’re reading.

Feel free to enjoy.

Happy Reading!

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