#MichaelVey: Shocking. Literally.


The Prisoner of Cell 25
Rise of the Elgen
Battle of the Ampere
Hunt for the Jade Dragon
Storm of Lightning
Fall of Hades
The Final Spark

By: Richard Paul Evans

My Rating: Four out of Five Stars, except book 7–that one only gets three.

What did I read during the summer of 2017? All 7 books in the Michael Vey series. Thanks for asking.

Was that a good use of my reading time? Yep. I’ve been waiting for the series finish before I start (cliffhangers–I hate them), and with the impeding book 7 release date finally getting near, it was time to jump in.

Richard Paul Evans (you might know him as “The Christmas Box” guy) did something special with Michael Vey. He turned a guy with a physical disability and low self esteem into a hero.

I think that’s really cool.

Michael Vey’s dad died when he was 8. He and his mom have had to move around a lot. He gets picked on. He has Tourette’s syndrome that makes him gulp and twitch–especially when he gets nervous. Michael has to deal with all these things daily…but there’s something bigger. He has a secret. No one can know. He can’t make his mom move again. He can’t hurt anyone else.

Michael Vey is electric.

Like super-power electric.

This is the story of how Michael discovers that, “It’s not all right to be different. It’s freaking awesome.”

He’s right.

Michael’s electrical powers are discovered, and he is forced to make an attempt to rescue his kidnapped mom. His rescue mission kicks off a 7-book adventure around the world making friends, falling in love, becoming a hero, and beating the bad guys.

I didn’t love the last book in the series…it ended a flat. There were some significant big reveals that happened in the last few pages, and I felt like things were rushed instead of resolved. But that was one book out of seven, and it’s the only negative in an otherwise perfectly enjoyable summer read.

The Michael Vey series is great fun. I recommend it for the young teens it was written for as well as anyone looking for an exciting story free from sex and grown-up language.

Get your copy here

Happy Reading!

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