#Hyperion: Not Hyper to me…


By Dan Simmons

My Rating: Three out of Five Stars

There are a lot of gushing fans of Hyperion. I don’t really feel like gushing.

It was complicated, abstract, and didn’t satiate my craving for a satisfying ending.

Graphic sex, strong violence, ugly language.

I get why others love it. The world building is complex. The characters are strong and layered. There is depth and meaning to the story. Hyperion, as a work of literature, is an accomplishment.

Just not for a simpleton like me.

Don’t let me turn you away…read the reviews and give it a try. But do go into it knowing what’s coming.

Happy Reading.

4 responses to “#Hyperion: Not Hyper to me…”

  1. 3/5 was my rating too. It felt like a well-conceived book (which read to me like a prequel. When I complained about this someone said the first two books were originally supposed to be one volume) but I can’t say that I enjoyed reading it. Very unsatisfying. But morbidly compelling at the same time. I can’t decide if the uniqueness of it is enough to compel me to keep reading.

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