#Hounded: Demons smell like butt.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to good friends who give great books as birthday gifts, I’ve discovered this fun series.

What if the Gods and Mythologies from every age, religion, and culture were real and lived among us? What if there were some that lived in Tempe, Arizona?

I’m talking druids, fairies, witches, werewolves, vampires, demons. (Watch out for the witches and demons, they’re nasty.  Witches are mean and demons smell like butt. The werewolves and vampires are okay, though–they’re lawyers.)

Meddling Irish Gods. Meddling Greek Gods. Meddling Norse Gods. (Oh, hello Thor. Apparently you’re a jerk.) Meddling Roman Gods. Meddling Native American Gods. Meddling Earth Gods.

What if they were all alive and continuing their eons old arguments with each other right under our noses?

What if they used magic to fight each other? What if they had magic swords?

What if you could talk to your dog using a mental link, and your dog was hilarious?

What if all this was true?

Then you’d have this book.

Lots of fun, cool action, laugh-out-loud moments.

The swearing content is moderately high, and there is some sexual content as well. I wish there weren’t, because I know a lot of young people who would enjoy this story. Instead I’ll recommend it to adults who like to have fun when they read.

Happy Reading!

11 responses to “#Hounded: Demons smell like butt.”

  1. I considered this as well, because it sounds like the Harry Dresden books (which I mostly enjoy..) but my best friend says it’s getting worse with each book and after the last one she read she was so disappointed she didn’t want any of it anymore.

    But everyone I know loved the first one as well, so there’s that 😀

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  2. “Having fun when I read” is definitely a must 🙂 I’ll probably try Hearn’s upcoming book before jumping into a whole series, but thank you for this helpful review!

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