#Xenocide (Ender’s Saga, #3): Troubled Soul…

Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahhh, Ender. You troubled soul. Will you ever treat yourself with the greatness you deserve?

The third book in the Ender Saga spends as much time being philosophical as it does telling a story…which made this dimwitted reader feel frustrated at times. Generally, I prefer my books with less talk, more action.

Luckily, I know Ender well enough at this point I didn’t expect an action hero.

I expected an emotional hero.

That’s what I got.

If you’ve gotten this far into Ender’s story, you don’t really need a book review. Don’t stop now.

Read Xenocide. It’s good. It’s worth it.

If you haven’t started Ender’s story, read Ender’s Game.

If you read it and feel empathy for Ender and want to see his heart heal, start on the book path that begins with Speaker for the Dead.

If you read it and cheered because of a great surprise ending, loved the story, the battle room, and the fighting, skip Speaker for the Dead and go read the Shadow series, starting with Ender’s Shadow.

Either way, enjoy. This is book royalty we’re talking about here.

Happy reading.

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