#RedQueen: An Un-Book Review


A friend asked if I’d read the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard.

Here’s what I told her in case it’s helpful for anyone else:

I haven’t read The Red Queen series yet for a few reasons.
  1. I’ve been waiting for the third book to be published first, and that came out last week.  However, the early buzz is that it doesn’t end well, and now there is a 4th book scheduled for publication in 2018.  Pet peeve one and two: Books with bad endings and books that start out as trilogies but decide to keep going later on.
  2. The second book as a lower average rating on Goodreads than the first book does, which means the fans that liked the first book and decided to read the next one didn’t like the second as much as the first.  Pet peeve three: Books that let their fans down.
  3. Most of the folks giving positive reviews spend a lot of time sounding like teenage girls gushing about how hot the love interests are and about how the love triangle between brothers is so intriguing.  Pet peeve four: love triangles.
  4. Most of the reviewers I trust rated book one as a 1, 2, or 3 out of 5.
Will I read it?  Maybe.  I’m waiting until I see more about how the last book ends and if the series is truly done or not.  Then I’ll wait until the eBook is like $.99 because a book like this doesn’t deserve $10.99.
A series that looks similar and was COMPLETELY AWESOME is Red Rising.  Oh man, that series is so, so good.  Watch out though, it’s quite violent and has bad language.  If you feel you’re pretty liberal with the content in your books, I’d say give that a try instead of The Red Queen.  If you do read The Red Queen, let me know what you think!
Good luck, and thanks for reaching out!
Happy Reading!

14 responses to “#RedQueen: An Un-Book Review”

  1. I’ve heard enough negatives about this series that I’ve decided I won’t even start on it. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind. But I’ve been let down by enough series once-good-turning-bad that I don’t want more disappointment. 😛

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  2. Wait… there’s a fourth book?! What!! That is so not okay (I clearly have the same pet peeve that you do about books starting as trilogies and becoming quartets- except I’m clearly not taking it as well 😉 )And to be honest, I was iffy about the series, but liked the end, so wasn’t sure I’d pick up the next one. And when I saw not-so-great reviews of the second one I decided to give it a miss. And now that it’s become a money-spinner… well I can’t see myself ever bothering with it. Anyhoo I loved this non-book-review!

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  3. Ugh. I really didn’t like red queen. The first half was pretty good – making me feel like I was getting into a cool hungergamesish world, but it was all down hill from there. There are so many books in the genre that were better. Additionally I had just read game of thrones again and was wrapped up in strategic royals who made calculated decisions. The characters took action and instigated change. And they were consistent!! The lack of all of these things combined with a backseat whiny main character in Red Queen made it a struggle to finish. Suffice to say it did not work for me lol. It ain’t got nothing on red rising!

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  4. I read book one and it was ok. Nothing earth-shattering now that I look back. I started book two but put it down. A lot of people either love this or are meh about it. I’ll give book two another chance, but it’s slow-moving. I agree that waiting is best. 😉

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