#Avempartha (The Riyria Revelations, part #2): Ah, now I get it!

Avempartha by Michael J. Sullivan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Now I get it.

Book one was poorly written and hard to read, but the story pulled me along. It was okay.

I’m glad I stuck with it, because book two shot right passed okay, skipped pretty good all together, and landed somewhere around awesome.

This story was so fun! I couldn’t put it down.

No, that’s wrong.

I could have put it down–I just didn’t want to.

Now I understand why The Riyria Revelations has such passionate fans. If book two is any indication, I’m going to be writing some very happy book reviews over the next couple of weeks on my way to book 6.

The Riyria Revelations is a PG-rated fantasy series for adults and their pre-teen kiddo’s looking for a kings and swords, thieves and wizards, dwarfs and elves adventure story. Twists. Humor. Adventure. Good guys. Bad guys. All the stuff that makes me love books.

Some talk of whores and prostitutes. Some violent but not gory deaths. No language. No sex.

Happy Reading!

Series Review:


What is the bibliophile’s dilemma?


The books you can’t help but read as fast as possible are the same books you wish would never end.

Solutions? I’d love to hear them.

Until then, I hope to find more books that hurt as good as The Riyria Revelations.

This series is just fun. It’s fantasy with twists and red herrings. Elves, dwarves, goblins, and dragons. Thieves and nobles. Kings and queens. Swords fights. Mysteries to solve. Characters that stick with you. Lost treasures. Magic. Tragedy. Betrayal. Villains. Heroes. Sacrifice. Triumph. Happy endings.

It’s not without it’s flaws. Literary purists might not make it past the convenient plot resolutions or the entire first book (that was rough…).

But reading is about fun, and there are mountains of fun to be had here. Reading these books made me really, really happy.

Doesn’t sound good to you? Go read a biography.

It’s violent without being gory, and the language stays PG and never uses 4-letters. It’s high suspense and lots of action. The 12-and-up crowd will eat it up.

Note that the publisher took the original 6 books and make them into 3 volumes, each with 2 parts. So instead of 6 separate books you’ll likely see these three:

Theft of Swords
Rise of Empire
Heir of Novron

Happy reading!

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