RIP #Booklikes…

See ya  logo3, I’m out.

I’m getting closer to being completely moved into my new blog home, and just in time too–it appears Booklikes may be down for good.

I found a programmer for hire that was able to convert my Goodreads reviews into the format WordPress required for upload. I have some tagging to do, and some book covers to add, but other than that I’m good to go.

Thank goodness for Goodreads…

Most excellent.

Happy Reading!

6 responses to “RIP #Booklikes…”

  1. Hey, that is awesome that you now have your reviews here. Just remember, 1 place isn’t enough, 2 is bare necessity, 3 is good and 4 is better 😉

    I am really glad for you. I was afraid you were going to be stuck…

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