Morning Star (Red Rising Trilogy, #3)

morning20star20cover5/5 stars

Morning Star (Red Rising Trilogy, #3) by Pierce Brown

Break the chains…

I love to read.

Ya, I know.  Duh.

But it’s not just that I love to read. It’s the treasure hunt. It’s reading your next favorite story for the first time. It’s discovering an unknown author who deserves to be known. It’s finding the next big thing before it’s the next big thing.

The Red Rising Trilogy is the treasure.

I’ve just finished the last book, and Morning Star shines brighter than the sun.  A perfect ending to a perfect Trilogy.

This series doesn’t just live up to the hype. It transcends it.

This is why I read.

If you’re a reader who avoids the hype machine out of principle, I strongly suggest you make an exception for Red Rising. If you need some convincing, you might enjoy this blog post:

11 Reasons Why Red Rising Will Be Bigger Than the Hunger Games

Parents and Teachers: Red Rising is published by Del Rey (an adult imprint of Random House), but it’s being promoted as YA. Don’t be fooled. These books are adult. The language and violence is cranked to 11. Proceed with caution. As outstanding as they are, I will not be recommending these books to my kids until they are too old for me to control what they read.

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