Calamity (Reckoners, #3)

calamity2bby2bbrandon2bsanderson5/5 stars

Calamity (Reckoners, #3) by Brandon Sanderson

If time flies when your having fun…

If the speed at which time seems to pass is a measure of how much fun you are having, BS must have had the fun box cranked to an 11 when he wrote Calamity. That had to have been the fastest 400 pages I’ve ever read!

The Reckoners series is finished, and as David Charleston might say, I am as happy as a sea lion who’s just finished his first Thanksgiving Dinner and everything was made out of fish.  That is, I’m stuffed (with answers) and sitting back with a satisfied smile on my face.

A great ending to an outstanding series. I’ll be pushing this one to all my friends, particularly friends with kids.

I think BS could have stretched it out a hundred pages or so more and wrapped things up with a bit more detail. But really, that’s just me being ungrateful.

It’s like a kid who only will eat mashed potatoes complaining because his mashed potatoes had such the perfect buttery, creamy texture that he ate them too fast and now they’re all gone.

Sorry. I’m done.

Read The Reckoners.  Start with Steelheart (Only $1.99 on Kindle–until it’s not).  CLICK ME NOW!

Thank me when you’re through by sending me the best bad simile you can come up with.

Happy Reading!

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