A Thousand Faces

26076721-_uy1020_ss1020_3/5 stars

A Thousand Faces by Janci Patterson

This was a nice, quick read from an indie who’s getting a shot a success because Brandon Sanderson gave her a pretty nice recommendation on his blog.

This is YA spy stuff. Jory and her parents are “Shifters”–they can change their body at will to look like anyone they want. They are spies for hire. Despite the moving around, the secrecy, the lack of friendships, and the constant worry about being discovered, Jory feels like her life isn’t so bad. That is, until her parents don’t return from a job one night. Barely experienced in the family trade, Jory needs to use all the skills her parents taught her to find out what happened to them and save the day.

It’s well written and has an exciting, unique plot. I wasn’t a fan of the ending though. I’m sure this author has aspirations to follow up with another installment to give some closure to her characters, and when she does I’ll read it.

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