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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

It’s Sweet.  It’s a Fairytale.  It’s for Adults.

Stardust was sweet and fun and finished up with a good, old-fashioned, happy ending.

I found myself wishing the book was a bit longer . . . I would have loved to read about the main characters adventures.  Instead, we just read that they happened.  I feel like I missed out on some of the experiences that bonded our heroes together.  Some of that context would have turned the ending from something simply sweet to something truly emotionally powerful.  And the final confrontation with the bad guy…turns out it wasn’t much of a confrontation.  The big baddie got what she deserved in the end—nothing at all—plus a kiss on the cheek from a star!

I’ve been passing the Gaiman books I read onto my kids, and I thought I’d be passing this one on as well—the sweet fairytale that it is—until I was shocked with two quite unexpected, fairly graphic sex scenes and one unexpected, out of place F-bomb.

My kids won’t be reading Stardust, but if you’re interested give it a try.  It’s a fun little book with sweet characters and a happy ending.

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