Champion (Legend, #3)

877bad1769f5b5bcfea195e2a9cdbb6f4/5 stars

Champion (Legend, #3) by Marie Lu

Did you like Divergent? How about The Maze Runner? Maybe The Hunger Games? Then you’re going to love the Legend Trilogy!

It’s the future. The polar ice caps have melted. Great floods changed the surface of the earth. The United States wasn’t able to deal with the catastrophic damage and loss of life. The government collapsed, and the United States ceased to exist. What’s left is the world of Legend . . .

Action, love, family. Underdog good guys vs. impossible odds. Tragedy, redemption. It’s all there abundantly in it’s cheesy, YA dystopian future glory. The first two books were the best. The last one lost a bit of the magic, and the author tried to make it up for it by dropping a bit of sex, some sparse language, and even some gay prop.

Despite the missteps in Champion, the Legend Trilogy was great fun.

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