The WICK Omnibus Edition

182860531/5 stars

The WICK Omnibus Edition by Michael Bunker

Well, that made me mad.

You should read this book if:
1) You like things that make you feel depressed and hopeless.
2) You like to read extremist propoganda.
3) You live/would like to live in Idaho or Montana with a stockpile of weapons and fuel.
4) You believe the United States government has no actual interest in the well being of it’s citizens.
5) You feel that if the government were to collapse you would turn into a heartless killer/theif with no control over yourself or your actions.
6) You like it when the best characters die.
7) You enjoy reading pages and pages of crazy philosophical ramblings.
8) You like feeling that an author cares about his personal agenda more than his plot, story, or characters.

If you are like me and despise any of these things, you can thank me for taking this bullet for you. Don’t be mislead by the gushing reviews like I was. Obviously there are people that enjoy learning that you are nothing more than a slave to an oppressive society that has so much control over you you don’t even know it’s happening and the only people that are inlighted are either Amish or extreme survivalists . . . apparently it’s more PC to say “people who live a ‘plain’ lifestyle. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

The saving grace (and the reason I didn’t just stop reading) is that when the story does get going (which isn’t very often) it’s actually pretty cool . . . until everyone you like dies and the bad guy gets exactly what he wants.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one. If you want to read an actually entertaining story on the impact to the country after a nuclear and EMP attack, check out The Great and the Terrible series by Chris Stewart.

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