legion5/5 stars

Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Seriously? Why hasn’t this story been turned into the coolest mystery solving TV series yet? It would be so cool . . .

Steve is the smartest person alive. He is fabulously wealthy because his brilliance is in high demand–he can solve crimes and mysteries better than anyone. Steve is also crazy . . .

He doesn’t like being smart, so he’s invented “aspects,” hallucinations that represent a different part of his brilliance. He converses with them and they help him solve mysteries–but of course he’s the only one who can see them. It’s like imaginary friends gone wild! He travels first class, but demands that he have 5 first class tickets. He orders his butler to bring drinks for him and all his “friends.” His hallucinations even fall in love with each other . . .

In the book, the idea works fantastically. It’d be a really cool TV show. I’d watch it anyway.

Fun story by the most up-and-coming author on the planet.

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