Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (The Bern Saga, #4)

5/5 stars

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (The Bern Saga, #4) by Hugh Howey

Yea for Molly Fyde! Yea for Hugh Howey!

This concludes my Hugh Howey reading marathon. Since I discovered the endlessly amazing Wool (YOU MUST READ IT!!! NOW!!!) I’ve read nothing except Hugh Howey books. 6 Silo stories (Now on my Greatest Ever shelf), The Hurricane (loved it), The Plagiarist (loved it), Half Way Home (well written but preachy–mad me mad), I Zombie (Gross, didn’t get past page 5), and 4 Molly Fyde stories (Totally Awesome). I guess you could say I’m a fan. Or I’m obsessive. Both are probably accurate . . .

Enough about me and my feelings for Hugh. This is about Molly. She’s a 17-year-old star fighter pilot who gets kicked out of the Intergalactic Naval Academy because she’s too good and she intimidates the boys. Well, at least that’s what your led to believe. Turns out the conspiracies start subtlety showing their hand beginning on page one of book one–and then there’s non stop mystery, excitement, love, heroics, tragedy, intrigue, imagination, cliff hangers, betrayal, and the like right up until you close the cover on the very last book.

I loved reading the Molly Fyde books. In addition to being completely fun, the characters are endearing and the creativity throughout the story is more impressive than I can even express. This ability to create completely unique and imaginative is a common factor throughout all of Hugh’s books. Watch out for some language (not so bad in Molly Fyde, but it’s there), but other than that I feel like discovering Hugh Howey was like winning the reading lottery. The 4 Molly Fyde books get my full and complete recommendation!

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