The Alchemist

the-alchemist-383/5 stars

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


There were actually a couple of times when The Alchemist got interesting…

…but just a couple. And they were short.

This book was on my list of “books I’ve never read but should have,” and I thought it would be a good time to check it off. I was sick of conversations that went like this:

Me: Oh ya, I love to read. Usually like a book or two a week.

Someone else: Whoa. You’re weird. I read a book once. It’s called the Alchemist and it was so amazing it changed my life. You must have read every book ever written. How did the Alchemist change your life?

Me: The Alchemist? Actually, I haven’t read that one. But I hear it’s pretty great.

Someone else: Huh. Let’s talk about something interesting now.

Or something like that. I felt like I was missing out on something pretty awesome, so I figured it was time.

Honestly, I get why people are moved by this book. It’s full of wisdom and positive energy. While I was reading there were a few times I actually felt like I should quit my job and follow my dream of becoming a lit teacher and figuring out a way to get paid a lot of money for reading books. (I’m going to do both of those things one day, btw.)

Here’s what you learn in The Alchemist:

1) Follow your heart because it will never lie to you. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
2) If you ever stop following your heart it will stop speaking to you.
3) You are one with the universe because the same creator that made it made you. Therefore the universe will align to help you accomplish your dreams.
4) Never give up on your dreams, especially when it seems like it’s furthest from your reach. Everyone knows that the night is darkest before the dawn
5) True love will wait for your dreams. If love keeps you from your dreams, then it’s not really love.

All good stuff. But speaking of the book as a delivery vehicle for these words of wisdom, it’s a total snoozer.

Go ahead a read The Alchemist. I thought it was boring, but more likely I’m just extremely shallow and need flashing lights and pretty music to keep me entertained.

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